8 April 2018

Steel Cavalry Released!

On the very last week before Steel Cavalry was released, I lost my internet connection due to my ISP upgrading it, then got it back in a few days. Good thing I managed to add a few things to the project just in time for the release, like coding in the animations for a few more newly rigged and animated mech models. Then I thought it would be neat if the mechs tilt at an angle when walking up slopes so I put that in. I've also modified some code to enable teams and let pilots/mechs deal damage based on their affiliated teams, so that pilots on the same team don't hurt each other.

Our project lead, Jeremy Jackson, and all the other team members did even more to bring the game to its completion! And so it was released and available to download here:

Of course the game in its current state is neither perfect nor without issues. There are still bugs and other issues everywhere, like how one of the mechs don't seem to touch the floor when it's moving, or how one of the mechs' model doesn't get animated properly when it's moving, and so on.

But, we released a game!! I think the point of this collaborative project is to work toegther in a team and finishing it, as a gamedev practice! We did it, yay!!

And we certainly learned a lot. I do wish that we can continue developing it as there are still tons of things that I want to do with it, but alas, I'll have to move on to some other project!

Thanks team-steel-cavalry, great job!