13 May 2019

Ludum Dare 44

I made a game for the recent Ludum Dare 44 about two J-K flip-flops taking turns battling it out with bits and called it And Then There Was One.

This overly complex turn-based battling game was made using the awesome Godot Engine. Not much of an artist myself, so I barely managed to come up with a probably pleasing aesthetic after lots of visualizing and imagining of how I wanted the game to look, then I dragged around some brushes and did all the art in Krita. I tweeted about it and even got retweeted by Krita's official Twitter account.

I didn't have enough time (as usual) to work on the Ludum Dare game this time (again), so it has no sound at all.

My idea was to have a top-down overworld where the main character walks around taking out flip-flops via turn-based battles in a certain order. The flip-flops are part of a counter that counts down to 0 which would cause a bomb to go off.

I even designed a simple digital synchronous counter for the game but I didn't get to implement that part.

Maybe I'll do something about it if I ever get back to making this game again.