13 May 2019

Ludum Dare 44

"I made a game for the recent Ludum Dare 44 about two J-K flip-flops taking turns battling it out..." Read full post →

28 December 2018

So, About That Time I Went to Level Up KL...

"So I attended Level Up KL on 30th and 31st October, and that was my first time at any gamedev conference at all..." Read full post →

25 October 2018


"I hopped on to another project at HomeTeam GameDev, this time it's a side-scrolling shooter inspired by the classic Gradius,..." Read full post →

3 October 2018

Monster Hunter: World, Phlying Phonics, Part-Time Degree

"I've been playing Monster Hunter: World on the PC extensively in September, which explains my lack of activity..." Read full post →

8 August 2018

We Must Prepare Released Last Sunday

"I worked mostly on getting clicking to move the player around to work in We Must Prepare, just right before it was released last Sunday..." Read full post →

31 July 2018

Post-Apocalyptic Farm Sim

"I've been getting more and more into game development but with JavaScript instead of C#, by working on We Must Prepare, a post-apocalyptic farm sim..." Read full post →

27 April 2018

Beet Farmer: Added Gameplay Video and HTML5 Version

"People who played it said it's not clear what to do in-game, so I've uploaded a gameplay video of..." Read full post →

26 April 2018

Quick Updates: Playground Legends and Ludum Dare 41

"I've been extremely busy doing a bunch of things. And it has been really tiring so here are some quick updates..." Read full post →

8 April 2018

Steel Cavalry Released!

"On the very last week before Steel Cavalry was released, I lost my internet connection due to my ISP upgrading it, then got it back in a few days. Good thing I managed to add a few things to the project just in time for..." Read full post →

6 March 2018

Ideas for a Pong-platformer Mashup

"I have been hoping to make games, but I have never finished a single project I attempted. So this time I thought..." Read full post →