Scorched Earth clone.
You and a partner race against the clock to safely deliver your patients to the space....
Deck building game where you summon troops, cast supporting and offensive spells and all of this in real-time lighthearted strategic battles. Mentioned on PC Gamer!
Racing, includes split screen local multiplayer.
Two J-K flip-flops battling it out with bits. Turn-based.
Quest-based action RPG.
Cyberpunk crime mystery.
Let your scribbler have doughnuts and sacrifice its health for mood, or let it have broccoli and sacrifice its mood for health?
A side-scrolling shooter inspired by classics like Gradius and R-Type. While the name is obviously inspired by R-Type, its gameplay is actually similar to Gradius.
A post-apocalyptic farm sim like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley where you play as a robot gathering resources while humanity has gone into hibernation.
Pong / Breakout meets farm sim.
Not an official HomeTeam GameDev project but it was made by a team of HomeTeam GameDev members across several timezones (Team HomeTeam GameDev Parrots). We were always running out of time since the Ludum Dare clock started ticking down. And wow, we actually finished it!
I jumped in just to help fix an issue with a transparent layer for dimming the background not working, then I did a little more than expected after unintentionally getting "in the zone".
Side-scrolling platformer shoot'em up inspired by Metal Warriors. 2D gameplay in 3D space. The creator of #1GAM, Christer Kaitila, provided voiceover!!
More and more chicks get hatched as you collect more and more eggs, so you will have more and more chicks following you around. Try to collect as many eggs as you can while keeping the number of chicks following you around to a minimum.
Hungry kitties want to feed on you pigs! Defend yourselves by spitting water at them!
Have you ever felt like death just passed by you, without you knowing? Perhaps it did. It just took a comforting form. In this game, you play as the Grim Reaper.
There are only two buttons to control the game. Left and right arrow keys, or A and D keys, or Z and X keys, or left-click and right-click. Simple endurance game of mashing two buttons.
Victimize them all! But don't drop the cup!
Your owner is away and you are free to destro-- I mean, play!
Use your charms to win over enemies - turn into a guy to attract girl enemies, and turn into a girl to attract guy enemies!
Keep the heat up. If you're cool, it's game over!